Welcome to Cranfield Academy

Our mission is to foster a love of learning and curiosity, while ensuring the children in our care are happy and prepared for academic excellence.

Our two convenient locations offer an inviting setting with spacious classrooms that are age-appropriate and designed to encourage each child’s development, allowing them to learn at their own pace through hands-on exploration.

Our program builds language and social skills in combination with a strong self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Nuturing Amazing Little Minds for Future Success

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Cranfield Academy combines early learning with high-quality child care for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.

5 Star Rating

Cranfield Academy holds the highest star rating available by the Division of Child Development & Early Education and the North Carolina Child Care Commission. This ranking identifies our program as high quality by exceeding state requirements and faculty education standards.

“Loving, safe, fun environment for my kids. They love coming to school, are exposed through play to many different concepts and experiences.”

– Cranfield Parent

Oh, let me tell you how great Carter’s transition is going! I thought she would have a hard time transitioning to the other class, but no! She loves it! Her new teacher made her feel so welcome and she loves her already!! She is really having a great time in her new class!!!

Miranda King (mom)

My child really loves this place! Ever since the new baby started and he has been coming part-time he’s  really not happy when he can’t come! I have to leave him at home whenever I bring his sister in because he wants to stay! He really loves this school!

Erin Brooks (dad)

I love the lay-out of the room. I love that Ben is able to have free play. I also like how you guys are caring. I love you guys for taking such good care of Ben. In the morning, he doesn’t cry and wants to come to school and pushes me out.

Barbara M.

Cranfield Academy is more than a preschool. As a teacher in Charlotte Mecklenberg schools, we knew how important it was to find a preschool that was safe and educational. We didn’t want our child to only play and color while at preschool. We wanted her to be exposed to educational basics and learn how to love the learning process. Cranfield has met our expectations. We are so happy with the facility and staff. We love the fact that she tells us about various books she’s read and projects she has done. Thank you for always taking care of our daughter. Cranfield makes you feel like you are dropping your child’s at a grandparents house and not just a preschool.


Amazing! That pretty much describes the teachers at Cranfield Academy! The smile on my twins’ faces every morning when they see them says it all!  I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Vickie C