Enrichment Programs

We offer a wide range of enrichment programs in the arts,
athletics, and other special interest areas.

Gymtastics Express

Taught by owner/instructor Sam Johnston, this program offers physical education, movement, gross motor skill coordination and just general FUN.

Mr. Music Man

Mr. Music Man: Mr. Music Man teaches children ages 3+ the basic building blocks of music, including clefs, notes, scales and chords. Children learn confidence and self esteem through hands-on experience with instruments and microphones.

Shining Stars

ShiningStars is a theater enrichment program tailored to help young children build public speaking and leadership skills. The goal is for children to not only learn the wonderful world of Theatre but to help them build confidence, boost their communication skills and foster creativity. All while having an incredible amount of fun!

Soccer Shots

Founded by former Charlotte Eagle professional soccer players, Soccer Shots introduces Cranfield children to the sport of soccer by using an innovative curriculum that emphasizes both soccer skills and character development.


Spanish with Señora Yury
Señora Yury offers Spanish language lessons once per week for all children in our preschool program. She uses
everyday words and helps the children learn more about the environment around them. They learn words for
colors, numbers, foods, objects, and common Spanish phrases. She always has an activity to share with the
children relating to the words of the day.
Providence Location: Wednesday morning
Age: Preschool
Cost: Included in Tuition!!