A Letter to Cranfield Academy – Morrisville

Dear Executive Leadership at Endeavor Schools,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my family’s deepest gratitude for the exceptional care, open communication, and unwavering support that my family and I have experienced at Cranfield Academy in Morrisville. As parents of two sons attending your daycare, we have been incredibly fortunate to have found such a warm and nurturing environment for our children.

Our journey with Cranfield Academy began through the heartfelt recommendation of friends, whose children attended (Kids R Kids) over 15 years ago! This enduring legacy speaks volumes about the quality of care and education provided at Cranfield Academy. The fact that Gabby, one of your alumni, recently graduated high school and chose to return to teach for the summer before embarking on her university journey is a testament to the unique bond formed within your school community. Her decision to give back after benefiting from Cranfield Academy’s nurturing environment showcases the special and lasting impact of this school.

From the very beginning, Cranfield Academy has impressed us not only with the quality of education but also with the open communication and willingness to address any concerns we may have had. While these concerns were minor, the fact that the teachers and staff were not only willing to listen but also took immediate action to address them demonstrated the level of care and commitment they have for the well-being of the children under their supervision. This responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback for improvement have truly set Cranfield Academy apart in our eyes.

The personalized attention, warm smiles, and genuine care demonstrated by every staff member have created a sense of belonging and trust that is unparalleled. Every morning, I am greeted by name, and I walk away with the assurance that my sons are in capable and caring hands. The recent fall festival further highlighted the dedication of your teachers, who not only worked tirelessly to make the event a success but also went above and beyond to encourage our sons to participate. The staff quickly noticed that I was alone during the fall festival. Within minutes of entering, Melanie offered to hold Olin, allowing me to spend time with Sebastian. This wasn’t an isolated incident. At another point, a different staff member approached me, silently tapped my shoulder, and took over holding Olin. The level of trust was remarkable. We didn’t need to exchange words; I understood their intention immediately. It felt like a lifelong friend stepping in to assist, creating a sense of genuine camaraderie.

I am not only impressed by the exceptional care and open communication but also deeply touched by the sense of community at Cranfield Academy. It is rare to find an institution where the staff knows not only the children but also the parents. I consider myself the daycare’s biggest advocate and cheerleader and have referred several families to the school this year alone, a testament to my unwavering confidence in the quality of care provided.

I am writing to inquire if there is a way to formally recognize the outstanding staff at Cranfield Academy. Their dedication, compassion, and genuine love for the children deserve to be acknowledged. Whether through a recognition program, awards, or any other form of appreciation, I believe it is essential to celebrate the exceptional work being done at Cranfield Academy.

Once again, thank you for providing a nurturing environment where our children can learn, grow, and thrive. We are truly grateful to be a part of the Cranfield Academy family and look forward to many more positive experiences in the future.


Stephen S.