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About Us

A Message from The Founders of Cranfield Academy:

Todd & Laura Pace, son Zachary
and daughters Delaney and Anikka
(Year 2012)

Thank you for considering Cranfield Academy. We founded our Academy after experiencing the concerns that all parents have when entrusting their children to outside caregivers. As parents you want to find a group of people who will not only care for your child, their daily needs, but also who will care about your child, their social and emotional needs. At Cranfield Academy we provide a unique option in child care. Cranfield Academy is a place which not only meets the physical needs of children but would also nurture their emotional and cognitive development. This is the Academy which we trust to help us raise our children, Zachary, Delaney and Anikka.

Laura earned a B.A. in English Literature from Wheaton College and a Masters of Education from the University of Southern California. She has more than 20 years experience in education, and has achieved the top certification that the state of North Carolina Division of Child Development offers. Todd earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Redlands and has over 15 years management experience. We have been happily married for more than 22 years, and have 3 beautiful children. We enjoy attending our children’s sporting events, dashing down to the beach and exploring the back roads of the Carolinas.

Todd & Laura Pace, son Zachary
and daughters Delaney and Anikka
(Year 2007)

We are passionate about creating and sustaining the premiere child care and preschool in Charlotte. We count it a privilege to share in your lives, and in the lives of your children. Since the establishment of our first Cranfield Academy in 2000, we have prided ourselves on maintaining our focus on the entire family, not just the children. Your life becomes unbelievably busy when you have children, and suddenly your time outside of the workplace becomes much more precious. To that end, we have always offered time saving conveniences to our parents.

Time Saving Conveniences

Fresh ground, fresh brewed Starbucks coffee each morning … who doesn’t need a little "pick me up”? Please feel free to bring your own mug to help save our environment (plus, they’re usually bigger than our To Go cups, so you get more)!

Fresh fruit for the car ride home. We always say you can have a tired child, or a hungry child, but if you have a tired and hungry child, that’s a recipe for a meltdown! Mom and Dad, you can have some fruit, too.

Dry cleaning service: Do you find, now that you’re a parent, that your clothes sit at the dry cleaner so long that they threaten to charge you rent? Drop off your clothes on Tuesday, pick them up on Thursday, and the bill is conveniently charged to your credit card automatically. Voila! Clothes without baby stains!

Children’s Haircuts: Every 6 weeks a licensed stylist provides children’s haircuts onsite for a small charge. What are you going to do with that extra hour on Saturday that you would have spent waiting at Great Clips? Bike ride? A rousing game of Go Fish? Cup of coffee and actually read the paper that you pay for and recycle? The possibilities are endless!

Parent’s Night Out: Every third Saturday of the month (and the first three Saturdays of December) we offer a Parent’s Night Out from 5:30 – 10:30. Would you like to have a dinner that doesn’t feature Chicken Nuggets as its primary protein? Come enjoy our Parent’s Night Out for just $35.

"We are the only privately-owned child care and preschool in 

South Charlotte."

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